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Extend Microsoft Word With Custom One-Click Printing Buttons

Free 30 day Trial

In a couple of minutes you can create your own personalised Word printing toolbar giving you up to 20 one-click printing buttons to select your choice of printer and tray combinations. You can print multiple-copies, page ranges, mail-merges or extra copies. Once you set up your printing options you can save them to a button and access them in a single click. Yes, it's that easy!

 Select Paper Tray

You can download and install the Word plug-in in just a few minutes. Try out a fully functional version for 30 days with no obligation.

The full version is available available for a very reasonable SaaS subsciption fee.

  •  Can be used with any printer
  •  Works with all versions of Word and Windows (not Mac)

 Legal Software

Our software saves lawyers and legal secretaries hours each week.

  •  Our Software is used by many legal firms all around the world
  •  Users in Law firms print documents to different trays and change Word print settings frequently
  •  Using Tray Selector can save you an hour each day – streamlining your workflow
  •  Proven effectiveness – over twelve thousand users, predominantly from legal firms

 Easy to use

Tray Selector seamlessly integrates with all versions of Microsoft Word to put powerful new printing options at your fingertips. No more messing with print settings and page set up.

  •  Easy to install
  •  Free fully functional 30 day trial. Thereafter, no quibble money back guarantee

Review from Ritzen Warshawski LLP Barristrs & Solicitors

Tray Selector – saves us 2 hours per week per user
We save at least a couple hours per week per paralegal. I’m going to shoot myself in the foot and tell you if you charged double per user, we would pay it with a smile. It’s a must have in a legal office. I tell other firms about it all the time. People that leave our firm and go to other firms, demand that your software get loaded. Don’t worry about the referral fee, we feel like we are getting the software for almost nothing.
5 / 5 stars
Date Published: 05/02/2023

Review from Charon QC UK Law Blog

Tray Selector – save time, money and improve your green credentials
Even in today’s IT rich legal environment Law firms still require paper. Our stock in trade is words and more often than not these find their way onto hard copy. A modern legal office now stocks paper of various thickness, colours, textures and finishes as well as expensive letterhead which no self-respecting legal firm can do without despite its frightening cost
5 / 5 stars